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Creo on mac


Creo on mac

is there any way to get creo to work on a mac?


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You can install Windows on your Mac 😉

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Only with a Windows OS emulator, then load Creo in the Windows system.

If you want a CAD system running on MacOS, try Siemens's NX, it has been MAC native for 6 years or more and is fully supported. Apple uses it to design their products.

Not quite true. It can run natively under Bootcamp - i.e. not through an emulator. Be careful though. I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro, both run Creo 3 under bootcamp on Windows 10, but I'm currently thinking of rolling back to win 8.1 as the graphics drivers for Win 10 are so glitchy, particularly on the Mac Pro, which in theory has 12Gb of graphics RAM to throw at Creo but crashes the whole time and behaves like a 512Mb card.

Solid works runs just fine!

Changing the config to not use open GL does at least make it not crash, but keeps re-rendering stuff and generally runs like a dog.

But then you'd only be able to use NX.  I guess you could install Word which has been MAC native for many years and describe it in prose, or maybe a painting program and create a piece of art...but if you want a good way to create solid models that probably best to go with Creo and an emulator.


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Hi Ben,

If you are using a student version, it may be helpful for your to ask your question within the Academic Support‌ space too.



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