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Drawing Template Directory


Drawing Template Directory

Hello all,

I'm looking for a way to have my point to a directory for the drawing templates, rather than a specific template. We have about 21 templates which cover plastics, sheet metal, cnc, etc. across sheet sizes of A thru D.

The way it is set now is for a specific template, but I'd like it to point to the folder location so that the user can choose from those found there.

Is there a way to do this?


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12 REPLIES 12 et the following Creo variable:
start_model_dir {enter folder location where templates are stored.}
Same variable used for start files for CAD model.


^ Thanks for the suggestion, however this didn't work for me.

It works in Creo 2 M100

-check for spaces or illegal characters in folder specified.


Also check to make sure your are not having these setting overwritten by your config.sup file or another local

You may want to also maybe put a final backslash after the full path as such (I have had issues sometimes with or without the last backslash):
(start_model_dir C:\Creo 2.0\Common Files\M090\pro_std\Templates\)

And go into your config area and look at the “current session” from the dropdown to verify that one is pointing in the correct folder.


I have used those setting since longer than I can remember and they have always worked correctly.

Hope this helps,
Shane V.

It also works for Creo 3. Just put your templates in the same directory as your start parts.


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Your admin could be setting the start_model_dir option with the config.SUP file. That would explain it not working when you set it at the level.
I’m not sure about Wildfire…. – but in Creo if you uncheck “use default template” at the bottom of the file > new> create drawing dialogue box…. Then click OK.
A second dialogue box comes up; when you pick on “use template” it will bring up a list of all the available templates that are in the specified directory and a browse button that goes directly to it.

Hope this helps & STUFF


Thanks for all your suggestions, however, I've not been able to get anything to work. To clarify my problem, I've got my drawing templates in Windchill. They are in the same directory as my start models and assemblies. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the dialog box to show the contents of the desired directory. It always shows the contents of "C:\PTC\Creo 2\Common Files\M110\templates". I've not found any option in that sets this path.

Please provide what value you have in your for start_model_dir.

Ahhh.. the detail that is missing. Since your start parts and templates are in windchill, you must point to that directory and not your local directory that you stated below. When you setup Windchill, a directory should have been created for things like this that more than one person would be using.



FWIW: I was correctly pointing to the WC directory in all cases.

I've given up and decided to simply copy the templates into the local installation directory where Creo is looking by default. PTC! Why is this so hard?

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Try setting the options by actually browsing to the folder. You should end up with something like “wtpub://<server name=">/<product or=" library=">/Subfolder”

“pro_format_dir” will tell Creo where to find formats. “pro_format_dir” is used for templates (both parts, assemblies, and drawings).

Keep in mind that whatever name you give the server when you register it in Creo will be used as part of this path, so if the config is shared it’s important that everyone name the server the same (ex. “Windchill”).



Once these are set, any time the system needs a format or template, it will automatically look in the proper folder.


Unlike the templates list, the formats dropdown list will only show formats loaded into session. Fortunately the “Browse” button will still take you directly to the formats directory (once set correctly).


Huge thanks to all who chimed in with help. As it turned out, there was a very small typo in the various lines that pointed to the WC folder location. Some lines had "Windchill" while a few others had "windchill" as part of the path name. Capitolization makes a difference!

I've finally got it working, thanks again!

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