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Drawing formats getting corrupted?


Drawing formats getting corrupted?

HI All,

We are using WF 4, M160.

I have had several users who will bring up a completed drawing and the format will be missing fields and boxes and the wrong size?

I believethe formatgot corrupt (ghosted)by having to many workspaces or getting confused as to which formatWF should be using?

I have been able to resolve it by replacing local formats or the one in memory with the "good" ones from the Library.

Anyone else ever see this?

Any ideasfor resolution?

David T. Francis

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I assume you are using some sort of PDM solution, whether it's ILink or Windchill, based on your "ghost" and "Library" references. Based on this, this is how we handle our formats.

First off, the formats are located within a library within our Windchill 9.1 system. Secondly, I've set the pro_format_dir config pro option to wtpub://. This forces Pro/E to look at Windchill to retrieve the format. I also have the formats located in Windchill set to a released state so that no one can modify them.

Thirdly, make sure the users don't have In Work versions of the formats in their workspace or on their computer. Many times, I have seen where someone has loaded a format to change the size of the drawing from B to C for instance and they have a "stash" of the formats located somewhere on their computer. This causes problems for Windchill when it comes time to upload and check in their drawing since Windchill sees the local workspace format as a new object.

If they do have In Work versions in their workspace, synchronize the workspace. This will replace the In Work version with the official Released version from your library.

Hope this is of help.


Jeff Horacek

Sr. Designer/Global CAD Administrator
Advanced Engineering and Discovery
STERIS Corporation
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