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Figure out maintenance release of Creo

21-Topaz II

Figure out maintenance release of Creo


Your method will be useful for those running more Creo apps than just
Parametric. We don't run anything else, so I just capture the build
from the folder:

rem ** sets Pro/E version

set proe_ver=creo_1

set proe_version_number=29

rem ** set load point

set proe_load_point=C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\

rem ** Determine the build

for /f "delims=" %%A in ('dir /a:d /b "%proe_load_point%Common Files\")
do set BUILD=%%A

rem ** Set paths

set proe_text_folder=%proe_load_point%Common Files\%BUILD%\text\

set proe_executable_folder=%proe_load_point%parametric\bin\

set proe_executable=parametric.exe

I may change to your method, however, to future proof my files in case
we acquire Direct or some other app and have two build folders.

I think we covered this, but the old build folder does get removed when
a new build is installed, right?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

What about File > Help > About Creo Parametric

I guess I am missing something here. 🙂

"Too many people walk around like Clark Kent, because they don't realize they can Fly like Superman"

The point is to put the test in your startup script so you can copy the config files to the correct location before you startup Creo/Parametric.

The startup script would:

1. first look to see what version of Parametric is installed,

2. then copy the config files into the load point, overwriting any exiting files.

3. make those files read only,

4. Set a location for the PDMLink local cache,

5. then possibly clean up temporary files from the users startup directory or trail files directory,

6. and then finally start Parametric.exe.

Something like this. (I haven't tested this yet, but this is the general idea.)


I must have read only a portion of the discussion. The thread only asked
how to see the build you are running.


Sorry about that. This has to do with the crazy changes to the config
files in Creo.

Got it.

Damián Castillo
CAD & Administration Manager
Engineering Department
Hensley Industries
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