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Graphics Card


Graphics Card

Just curious....

Anyone heard of any issues running an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX card with WF?

Windows XP

Desktop PC with plenty of speed and graphics power.



The general rule of thumb is that the GeForce line are gaming cards and
not very good for CAD. The Quadro line are the CAD cards.

Some have posted acceptable results from a GeForce card; it may be fine
for you. One of the main issues was having more than 2-4 windows open
the Pro/E window will go completely gray.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I have seen it work many times usually without too much trouble, after
window 10 or 11 things could get ugly. However I have to say a 8800 GTX is
a very old card by today's standards as it is not made any more and has not
been made for a few years. My guess is you do not want to spend money, so
then don't. Just give it a try with what you have. If it does not work
then find alternate cards in your price range. Even new gaming cards work
fine. I have used Geforce 560 1Gig very effectively, I have not
experienced the window muck of wonder yet.

However, if you search hard you can find many options for Quadro cards out
there for $200-$500. Do not get any NVS type quadro those are primarily for
2D work like photos and other 2D applications. Stay with any of the FX or
any of the 2000, 4000, or 6000 Quadro series.


Ron Rich



I've used Gforce gaming cards to run Pro for years. Started with the
4200fx 64meg.
6800 GT 512 meg memory.
260 GTX 896 meg
330M 1 gig (notebook)

No issues whatsoever other than the first one, the 4200fx & that was
just some artifacting here & there. I've had up to the 15 window
limit & even went so far as to open up another instance of Pro &
opened a bunch of windows there also with no issues.

As Ron said, your card that you likely already have is long in the
tooth but can use it confidence other than it is not "supported".

Joe S. seems as thoughmy GeForce GTX has bit the dust! Now it's time to shop for a new one.

I am looking at the Quadro 2000D. Anyone have any experience or issues with this card for Wildfire?

Ihave a Quadro FX 580 on my new machine and it works fine on assemblies with millions of edges/surfaces. My default environment is "shaded with edges" with FastHLR enabled.

I've tested the 2k and 3k series of Quadro cards, and I've never measured an advantage of the more expensive cards over the 500 series of Quadro.

Given the relatively tinycost of workstation hardware vs. labor cost of the engineer's labor, you have to consider your budget.

If you are cost constrained, money is better spent on the fastest Core i7 (quad core) cpu. Xeon and 6-core are a total waste of money for ProEngineer

Well, it's times like these that I benefit from being a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to spending money.

Something just didn't sit well with meaccepting my graphic card was going belly up. I decided to do a little more research and found a small, one line descriptionby a user on a different forumfrom 2005 that sounded quite similar to my constant crashing.

He had an issue with the drawing module. As he moved the drawing around to work on different areas of the sheet, he would get bombed out of Pro repeatedly with funky blinking and "graphic wierdness" just before the crash. MIne happened to be in models and assemblies, especially when sketching. But....his solution, which ultimately was mine as well, was to remove any and all Microsoft Intellipoint, Intellitouch and Intellitype drivers. It seems there was a goofy conflict with Pro/E and the graphics. Since removing the drivers....crash free.

Thought I would share.

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