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Graphics settings for M6600


Graphics settings for M6600

I'm hearing a lot of good things about the M6600 but want to make sure I have all the graphics settings tweeked to what the machine can do. Does anyone have a list of recomendations?



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First off make sure you understand how everything works with the system.
The M6600 has both onboard intel graphics plus a secondary card hopefully
you got the Nvidia quadro card. There is a bios setting for a software
routine under the video setting called Optimus. This optimus technology is
the brains behind longer battery life. What this does is use intel graphics
for normal operations and nvidia for heavy duty applications. My settings
all works pretty good, on the let the software decide settings. My biggest
gripe is having to sometimes go to 3 different interfaces to make
adjustments. There is the windows display properties on the right mouse on
the desktop, then you have an intel HD graphics interface, and finally you
have the Nvidia Control panel. All of these interfaces can effect the dual
monitor interactions and resolutions and color calibrations so a little
playing around with all of these are needed in order to have the system
setup just the way you want.

The biggest problem I have had to date is that our hard drive encryption
software does not play well with these settings and on one of our M6600 we
can not get Optimus enabled and on our other 4 M6600 we can not disable
optimus. I have had 4 Blue screens of death in the last 4 weeks which seem
to be related to this conflict. After the BSD the unit has to be reset in
the bios to the proper optimus on or off setting or it will not boot.
Again this is strictly due to the encryption software I believe, as the BSD
noted a problem with graphics driver error something or other. When the
units had no encryption everything worked just fine, all units could turn
on and off optimus at will however I was not able to test for long periods
of time as our IT department has been mandated that all laptops must have
encryption software.


Ron Rich

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