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System req. for Creo/WF5


System req. for Creo/WF5


I have a question regarding Creo and ProE WF5 system requirements for smooth running in assembly and mechanism module up to cca 5000 parts.

Right now the workstation is composed with the following conponents:

I7 920

Asus Rampage 2 Gene

3GB DDR3 1300 Tripple Channel

650W PSU

+ ancient ATI x1950 PRO from my previous computer

Being a student I could not afford a graphics card just yet, so my question is will this work station with the addition of nVidia Quadro 600 be able to run smoothly with Creo or WF5 in assembly and mechanism module up to around 5000 parts?

Right now with the old ATI card i cannot even assemble and run mechanism with chain and 2 sprockets in WF5, which consists of around 300 parts. The system lags just to much in the mechanism module. Obviously the Quadro cards are very expensive, so I do not want to buy the card only to be disappointed with the overall system performance in Pro Engineer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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according to my experience you don't need expensive and superpowerfull graphics card to create 5000 part assembly. You need powerfull processor (I think Intel I7 is OK), 64-bit operating system and enough RAM (to prevent swapping efect). In case of Windows 7 64-bit, the default amount of RAM is 8 GB.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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