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I need help checking out a license.


I need help checking out a license.

I am getting a new laptop and I would like to take Creo with me while traveling. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to do this? Thank you iin adveance.

23-Emerald I

1) Be sure you have the license file on your server with Borrow enabled

2) Install Creo locally on your laptop

3) Connect your laptop to the network at work and be sure you can execute it with a server license

4) Run the PTCBorrow.bat utility, specifying how many days. Currently limited to 14.

5) Disconnect from the network and be sure the laptop can access the borrowed license.

6) Enjoy your trip.

How do I see if the license file is Borrow enabled? How do I change it if it is not?


Open license.dat on server in text editor and search for BORROW, if Borrow is in license file, it will be a borrowable license. 

If not license manager needs to be reconfigured with borrowable license. You can retrieve license for server from PTC web and you will recieve two copies of license, license text file without *standard* in file name will be borrowable license and that needs to be configured for license manager.


your admin can also transfer 1 license from server to your notebook. In such case the notebook will be your license server and you will be able to use Creo all the time.


Martin Hanák
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