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Layout/Notebook ??


Layout/Notebook ??

Hi folks,

Somebody moved my cheese or renamed it or I landed in the Twilight zone.

When I go to create a new Layout in Wildfire 4, the button's there for the type and the default name "lay0001" is there.

When I go to create a new Layout in Creo 1, the world get's wonky! Next to my familiar "Layout" icon is something called a "Notebook", yet my familiar "lay0001" default name is still there.


Now when I search "Layout" on, I find this, which is some discussion about what appears may be a new "app".

If you search Creo 1.0 M020 config options, it seems there is no end to confusion. Some functionality seems to document layouts and some seems to document notebooks.

Has anybody else seen this stuff?

Anybody else think this is just funky?

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The Original "Layout" functionality is part of Pro/Notebook. With Creo 1.0 it looks like there is an attempt to rationalize the names.


Interesting thought.

I did a quick search for "Layout" and found this thread from last year mentioning Layouts.

Also this thread mentioning "Layout" and "Notebook". I'm curious what Brian might have to say about this.

While I truly believe that names of functionality should be relevant, I really have a problem with renaming UI features that have been around forever.

Interesting to watch the Creo Layout Youtube video. I'm sure I heard the word "Concept" several more times than "Layout". It does sound like the original Layout feature was just severed from Parametric and the interface cleaned up a bit.

Hi Joshua...

Sorry to be MIA but I've been buried at work lately!! I am just now going back through older posts to answer any lingering questions and reply to people. I saw this post regarding Creo Layout and Notebook.Here's what's happening from what I can tell...

You're right! They've renamed Layout Mode that's been called Pro/NOTEBOOK since time immemorial to simply Notebook. I'm sure it has the same functionality as always. I have never been a fan of Pro/NOTEBOOK (for various reasons).

However, PTC is also launching a new product called Creo Layout. It was due to be released with a maintainence build of Creo in the fall but hasn't been released yet. I can't find any reference to it through the software download links. Other new products like Creo Sketch and Creo Illustrate have been released. I have both. I cannot find Creo Layout at all though which leads me to believe it's just not ready yet.

After viewing the video for Creo Layout and going into Creo Parametric 1.0 in Notebook Mode, I can tell you they appear to be two different things. Creo Layout is supposed to be a standalone product whereas Notebook is integrated into Creo Parametric. If you compare the screens shown in the video to Creo Parametric, you see definite differences between the two products.

It seems to me that PTC must be finally trying to revamp the concept of a 2D sketch/layout driving the 3D model. I've always like the concept behind Pro/NOTEBOOK and layouts. It was the execution that left me disappointed. Pro/NOTEBOOK was one of those modules that seemed to hold tremendous promise but in practice, it required too many intermediate steps and too much work for too little payoff. Plus, it left all sorts of weird hooks in the models created from it. Case in point, Pro/NOTEBOOK offered the prospect of "Auto-Assembling Hardware". Imagine hundreds of holes that filled themselves with the correct hardware based on some attribute attached to each hole. Sounds wonderful... but the reality of achieving this in Pro/NOTEBOOK was a painful and ultimately not worth the effort.

The scant information on Creo Layout is tantalizing. I suppose we'll have to wait for the release to determine if this new product can finally begin to deliver on the promise of Pro/NOTEBOOK. Or, hey, maybe they have something totally different in mind. I can't wait to see it!



Creo Layout was supposed to ship with Creo 1.0 M020 but at the last minute it was partially removed from 1.0 and pushed off to 2.0.

Partially means they didn't get it completely removed. None of the Buttons work but if you import a dwg or dxf file it will allow you to import as a layout .cem file and you can see how the interface is layed out.

This is SCAAARRRRY!!!!

It is described in the Creo Parametric help center under the title Layout Conceptual Design.