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Pro/E license borrowing ethernet failure


Pro/E license borrowing ethernet failure

Morning All,

I have a user running WF 4.0 on a Win 7 laptop. We have a borrow enabled license pack. After the license is borrowed and the laptop is offline; Proe is started thenthe system fails the attempt stating it can't find an ethernet adapter. We have multiple users borrowing licenses frequently and this is a new one for me. Not being deeply hardware savvy I'm looking here first then I'll ask IT to check the laptop.

Has anyone had this ethernet adaptererror after borrowing a license?


Bob Lohbauer


Your going to have to edit the registry in order to fix this. Here's the help information from PTC

Solution Details - TPI 103538
Created Date 07-Jul-2000
Last Updated 29-Dec-2009

When Not Connected to a Network, Windows Machines May Return "HostID" Errors ( -96, -15, -9) for Pro/ ENGINEER and the FLEXnet License Server Due to the Windows Media Sensing Feature.

When disconnected from a network Windows machines may disable certain network cards resulting in licensing errors from Pro/ENGINEER and the PTC License Server.

Pro/ENGINEER may return
error: "(-96) License server host is down or not responding" or error: "(-15) Cannot connect to license server system" if configured to a license server
error: "License request failed for feature PROE_Foundation: -9: Invalid host." if configured to a locked license.

FLEXnet License Server error log may contain messages similar to the following:

Error: Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file: <flexnet loadpoint=">\licensing\license.dat
SERVER line says PTC_HOSTID=00-11-22-AA-BB-CC, hostid is PTC_HOSTID=00-AA-11-BB-22-CC

This issue is related to the 'media sensing' feature of Windows 2000 and later (including XP and Vista) and disabling this 'media sensing' feature will resolve the issue.

For more information on 'media sensing' see

2. Locate the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters

3. Add the following registry entry to the Parameters subkey:
Name: DisableDHCPMediaSense
Data type: REG_DWORD (Boolean)
Value: 1

Note This entry controls the behavior of Media Sensing. By de...

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