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License serving


License serving


I would like to take my pool of Creo licenses and split them intotwo groups, so that each department can 'manage' their use, without one department grabbing all of them before another can get any.

I would like to use the same license server to do this.

Is this possible?

Do I have to create another license file, using another port than 7788, havea second FlexLM service, installed ins a different location?




Supposed to be able to create/edit the ptc.opt (options) file in the flexnet\license directory.

Mine looks like this for a Solidworks server we have:

GROUP design jsmith pjones
RESERVE 2 swofficepremium GROUP design

The group "design" is comprised of users jsmith & pjones. I have reserved 2 swofficepremium licenses for them.

The reason I add the "supposed" qualifier is I found it wouldn't work too well if I defined more than one group.


You don't have to do that at all. You can do what you want in the ptc.opt file.

You set up two groups in the file. Then you assign a certain number of licenses to each group.

By default the ptc.opt file has one line it it:
REPORTLOG +"C:\Ptc\flexlm\licensing\ptcreport.log"

You will want to add a timeout line: ( I have it set to 20 minutes. )

Then define to groups:
GROUP flintstone fred wilma pebbles
GROUP rubble barney betty bammbamm chip

Then reserve licenses for that group. The syntax is important, you have to look at your license file. It will have to change with the rev.:
RESERVE 3 PROE_Flex3C:VERSION=33.0 GROUP flintstone

Look at pages 61-63 of my ProE Admin 101 presentation:

Thanks guys!

Kind regards,

Vaughn McDaniel III
Engineering Services Group - PLM/CAD Applications


Kärcher North America, Inc.
1351 W. Stanford Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110

Multiple groups do work (at least in FlexNet v11.6.1.0). I use 2 groups, for 2 different licenses. I have not tried 2 groups for the same license.

Example Options file

GROUP VM_Reserve user 1
GROUP VM_Reserve user 2
GROUP VM_Reserve user 3
GROUP VM_Reserve user 4
GROUP VM_Reserve user 5

RESERVE 6 mockup_license GROUP VM_Reserve

GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve user1
GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve user3
GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve user5
GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve user7
GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve user9

RESERVE 4 concept_license GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve

Example LMSTAT results
Users of concept_license: (Total of 4 licenses issued; Total of 4 licenses in use)

"concept_license" v9.0, vendor: xxx
floating license

user1 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 103819), start Wed 4/2 4:12
user9 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 101), start Sun 3/30 20:20
2 RESERVATIONs for GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve (server/28000)

Users of mockup_license: (Total of 289 licenses issued; Total of 211 licenses in use)

"mockup_license" v9.0, vendor: xxx
floating license

user2 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 16334), start Wed 4/2 9:59
user3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 43409), start Tue 4/1 11:34
user5 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 69517), start Tue 4/1 11:36
usera xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 159715), start Wed 4/2 3:20
userb xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 141013), start Wed 4/2 3:17
3 RESERVATIONs for GROUP VM_Reserve (server/28000)
userc xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (v8.0) (server/28000 31826), start Wed 4/2 6:21

Example log file at startup
19:20:23 (xxx) RESERVING 4 concept_license/00F2 6ECE F468 4F7B licenses for USER_GROUP VM_Concept_Reserve
19:20:23 (xxx) RESERVING 6 mockup_license/1965 3895 ECE0 1124 licenses for USER_GROUP VM_Reserve

Joe Haines
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You can manage license with a ptc.opt file. You can assign x licenses to a pool of users and y licenses to another pool.
You need to read the Flex (or whatever it is called now) manual on using the options file.