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Lost in the CAD change


Lost in the CAD change


Can someone pls explain where CREO starts and Wildfire ends? It used to be simple. Wildfire was Pro/E, and Mechanica was used for any FEA/FEM part. BTW didn't Mechanica have 2 parts? 1 part for steady state, simpler probs, and a 2nd actual special code used for transient or more non linear probs. My point is Mechanica was just sold as a 1 type do all FEA solving package, U had to order a special upgrade to your license.

Well now CREO is calling it all simulation. So is the simulator which runs with its modeler an all in one extension? Or is it like old mechanica where it needs special adds ons to get full functionality? Thxs

Creo Simulation is the old Mechanics. PTC rolled out the name "Creo" with
Wildfire 5.0. Effective ProE 5.0 M060, I believe, ProE became CREO/Elements
Pro. It is the same as WF5. Then there is Creo 1.0 and 2.0 which are fully

Hope that helps a little.

Ryan Porzel
ProductSpace Solutions, Inc

It's a confusing mess and poorly handled by PTC in my view.

As Ryan said, WF5 was rebranded "Creo Elements Pro 5.0". There was no change in the software, just a new name. It wasn't, technically speaking, Creo yet.

Creo proper didn't come until after that and consists of several elements:

* Creo Parametric is what was Pro/E and Wildfire.
* Creo Direct is a new direct modeler. It is not the same as CoCreate which, like WF5 was rebranded Creo Elements Direct and is still being developed under that name. (There are also direct modeling capabilities in Creo Parametric, both built into foundation (Freestyle) and as an add on module (Flex Modeling). That's right, 4 different direct modeling packages.)
* Creo View is what was Product View.
* Creo Simulate is what was Mechanica.

When one says 'Creo 1.0' or 'Creo 2.0' it could mean any or all of the above, depending on your licensing. And there are supposedly more 'apps' to come.

Clear as mud, right?

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I've taken to explaining to my boss that what was formerly WF5 is now "Creo Zero". (On certain projects we may use different versions, including WF4, "Creo Zero" and Creo 2, depending on customer requirements.)

I also rather like the catch-all name PESC ("Pro/E, sorry, Creo"). 😉


You had Intralink for two CAD users?!? We have six in our team and we're still resisting Windchill... our 'check out before modify' system is "Hey, does anyone have this assembly in session? No? OK then!".


We have up to 10 users on CEP5.0 and CREO2 and have resisted using any type of PDM/PLM since back when PTC had pro/PDM. Especially over issues like the Intralink-Windchill 'migration'. I'd much rather consider a non-vendor specific open-source solution like ARAS PLM, at least I can upgrade on my schedule, not PTC's.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317
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