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Machinability Database in Creo


Machinability Database in Creo

We arein the process of upgrading from WF3 to Creo. We are having problems using our "Machinability Database". We have used this for since about rev 15. The setting pro_mdb_dir is set correctly. Pro seems to want to look for a different type of file instead of the .mdb files. Did this functionality move to somewhere else?
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I have tried to get this to work correctly ever since I first heard
about it (WF2, or so). Except for very limited cases it does not work
and the local VAR people I talk to are not much help...

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

Todd from Coldfire Enterprises shared some thoughs about this some
months ago...

PTC Support was able to help us. The WF5 hidden config setting nc_enable_mdb yes adds the prompts for the machinability data base to Pro/NC. They also said that the machinabilty database will be replaced with different technology in the next release.

Good Day All!

Does anyone still make use of the I-CAM post processor and Wildfire 5? We
are having an issue getting it running within Wildfire 5. Whenever we go
to post we can an error.

It's complaining about a file called dpost.key. I don't have this file and
have no idea what it's complaining about. Any ideas?

ICAM Technologies Corporation
(c) Copyright 1999

Pro/NCPOST GENER Release 2000i-9949
Source: c:\ProgData\Proe\rl7248\sb2f3w.ncl.11
Quest: CMS01.210;28 , Created 5-Nov-2010 06:46:30.74

sec070-000: open failed on <c:\ptcwf5\proe\\obj\dpost.key>

System not licensed for Multi-axis mill post-processors
System not licensed for Multi-axis mill post-processors
Pro/NCPOST GENER Processing terminated abnormally

Total elapsed time = 0. minutes.

Jim Van Dragt
Product Development Systems Analyst/Developer - Lead
Information Technology
616 654 5285 OFFICE
616 836 8394 MOBILE

We use ICAM post. We have been using it since Pro/E version 14. We run ICAM outside of Pro/E. I have written a custom interface for posting in Excel. We create the .ncl file from Pro/E, then the CNC Programmer presses the button for the desired workcenter, the file is posted and the resulting machine control program is placed in the correct folder. All of the file maintenace is handled internally to the posting. The Excel interface is a front end to a set of batch files that run ICAM.
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