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Mass Properties and Family Tables


Mass Properties and Family Tables

Is there a trick to get the Mass Properties to refresh in family tables.

The steps I have taken are:

1. Create a solid part BOX 12x12x12

2. Compute current mass properties

3. Regen

4. Add relation --> surface=mp_surf_area(")

5. Save

6. Create family table --> add column --> add "SURFACE" parameter and the three dimensions

7. Insert a few new instances and modify some of the dimensions

8. Verify

9. The surface area displays 864.0 for all the instance even though the dimensions are different.

10. Regen

11. Check the family table and the surface area values are still the same.

12. The only way I seem to be able to get it to update is to make a change to the file that requires the family table to be verified.

I also have a setting --> mass_property_calculate automatic

Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,

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The verify process is doing the 'regen' on the FT members, so the update to the surface would not take place until that was done. I had the same issue with FT member weights in WF2.

I've always had to resort to the following:

After making dimensional modifications but before verifying the table make the following pick:

Tools > Show System Mass Properties

Then perform the Verify step with the properties showing.
Mike Foster

Thanks for the reply Mike,

Turns out that the key element that I was missing was setting the "Relations" under "Post Regeneration"


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