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More Creo 1.0 Config File Issues

21-Topaz II

More Creo 1.0 Config File Issues


There was a blog post out there some place that showed how the Creo
Direct App was built not on CoCreate, but on Pro/Engineer. This makes
some sense given the 'common data model' that PTC has been promoting
with Creo. So, it stands to reason that they would use a common config
file and that PTC would have thought this through (snicker) so that
config options between the two don't conflict.

I think this goes back to not keeping your config files inside the Pro/E
- sorry, Creo - install folder but instead storing them outside and
copying them in at launch. That way, it doesn't matter if an install
wipes the prior version, you've still got them in the offline, master

That does create some challenges for those using two apps with different
build codes - how do you then merge your two config files? If I've got
M010 of Direct and M020 of Parametric installed, then I've got separate
config files for each. If I'm copying my files in at launch, upgrading
Direct to M020 and launching it will copy the Direct config file into
the M010 text folder, overwriting the Parametric config file. Then,
when I launch Parametric it will copy in its own config file. All is
well, I suppose, as long as I don't try to run both at the same time,
but this constant overwriting doesn't seem good.

If you're not copying the config files, then, as you've said, you'll
lose your Direct config during the upgrade. Nice.

Frankly, it seems that no one at PTC really thought through config files
when developing Creo. What was once a very robust, if perhaps a bit
clumsy, system is now seriously broken. We have a nicer GUI for editing
them, but managing multiple files is impossible, and now we learn that
managing config files with multiple apps is problematic as well. Par
for the course, honestly, as PTC developers seem to have very little
understanding about how their customers are using the software. Every
new improvement comes with something we've come to rely on getting

As we approach the launch of Creo 2.0, this config file mess is the one
thing that keeps me from using Creo 1.0 and implementing it companywide.
Eventually, one of our clients will start using it and we will have to
as well. Until then, or until this is fixed, I'm staying away.

Doug Schaefer

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