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NVS295 - excruciatingly slow re-draw


NVS295 - excruciatingly slow re-draw

Full marks to David Guillette's son the computer gamer:
> Hi John, this may or may not fix your drawing lag...I have seen mixed

> results.

> Please, go armed with the thought "everything in this e-mail may be

> ....but....It's what worked for me and may be worth a try.

> 1st drivers are key...and...newer is not better when it comes to

> pro/Engineer.

> if nView is running...shut it off, use windows to set up your displays.

> find your way into nvidia control panel...Manage 3D settings....

> set Global preset to "Base profile"

> set multi-display to "Compatibility performance mode"

> (see the snapshot below)

For us, the last setting made all the difference.

Great stuff!

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We recently had some issues with this. Couple things we did that helped.

1. Spaceball - If you are using one try stopping the driver and see if it improves the redraw rate. Had to buy all new spaceballs and update drivers for many here.

2. Cross-Hatching - Any section views were coming in with a cross hatch spacing of .001 mm or something tiny. The result was cross section drawings that had hundreds of thousands of tiny lines, which was essentially a solid block of cross hatches. Wrote a macro to set all spacing to '1' and it greatly reduced redraw times.

3. Work-Around - try moving the view you are working on to a second sheet, editing it there, and then moving it back.

Hope you fid the culprit


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