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Pro on Secondary Monitor


Pro on Secondary Monitor

Hey Users,

We have several of our guys using a dual monitor situation here and they want to have Pro E always start on the Secondary monitor while ALL other programs start on the Primary monitor.

Can I force this?

We're using Windows XP 64 bit.

Wildfire 3.0



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Type of graphics card(s)?

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yeup... I have the sort of the same thing... This is what I do: set the
"PRIMARY" monitor to the left one, instead of the right. PTC only knows
to start on the PRIMARY monitor... Typically, the other Windows
programs (word, excell, outlook, powerpoint...) will start in the same
spot they closed from so the first time they will open on the left, and
you'll have to move them, but after that, they should open where you
left them. SOME programs are like Pro/E and ONLY open on the "PRIMARY"
monitor... don't know a way to "trick" them... Not perfect, but hope
this helps...

I don't know about OTHER cards; but the nVidia stuff should look like
this in it's control panel:

You can see how I have the PRIMARY display on the right....


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FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

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