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I know it's been asked before, and I understand it's all personal preference, but I am looking for a good CAD mouse
for my workstation.

Any recommendations?

Thank you.



I am considering the Logitech Performance MX:


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I have that same Logitech at home for my personal laptop. I don't like it for Creo.

I plug in my old Microsoft mouse whenever I want to do any design work.
23-Emerald II

I have been using the Evoluent Vertical mouse for almost 6 years now. I got it because I suddenly started having wrist pain and was needing something different. Took me a day to get used to it and I haven't regretted it for a second. As a bonus, anytime someone wants to "drive" they can't figure it out.


I am in love with this product:

I'll attest to not being able to drive one of these. I have a few users that have these. Especially hard with the left handed ones. The lefty finally just got an extra mouse he could plug in when I had to do something to his computer.

David Haigh

Way too many buttons. I have enough troubles just using 3.

Best Regards

23-Emerald II

I’ll admit to only using the 3 buttons on my multi-button mouse. I programmed the others but never use them.

Back in the old days when you had to use ctrl+mmb to spin, I had programmed one to do that for me, still never used it.

I use the exact 5-button mouse pictured below… my additional buttons are ctrl (thumb) and Shift (ring finger). Now on I need an Alt button on CREO 2.0 for switch between ribbons.

I like the ergos of the Evoluent! Might give one a try.

Michael Ohlrich, Design Engineer
Benchmade Knife Company<">>
(503) 655-6004 x122


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I once tried two different mice similar to this. The big problem was the wheel. If a mouse has positive engagement - the sort of soft bump you feel when wheeling - it works great. If it has a free spinning wheel, it tends to be much too hard to use. No matter how I tried to configure it this was always a problem.

I've been using the Evoluent for about a year because of arm pain and find it comfortable to hold. However, it needs more buttons - I got spoiled with the gaming mouse that I was using before.


Here's another vote for the VerticalMouse. I'm on my second one; I started on a VM 3. I'm probably close to 6 years or so of use too. I had tennis elbow that I attributed to my mouse, haven't had any issues since I got mine.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I have the lower thumb button (#6 in the image above) programmed to “secondary functions” – this is pressed in combination with others which I have programmed to “esc”, “enter” and “alt” – that with #2 = shift and #5 = ctrl, I can do almost anything with one hand.

Ha! – please save your snarky remarks until Friday…

Right behind #2 is a “+ / -“ rocker that bumps the pointer resolution. I never use this and would love to be able to program these as well but you can’t.

The driver also lets you customize the buttons specific to the application you’re using, too. I have never jumped that far into it to use that, but if you stick with it, you will develop muscle memory and your productivity and comfort level will increase.

If only I had an Enter key on the left end of my keyboard…


I am trying to the department/company to buy one for me.

One question for the people that use this at work. When you go home do you have issues using a convention mouse, or did you buy one for home?

Evoluent also makes a keyboard. Your suggestion for an ENTER key on the left side makes a lot of sense. This is probably something they should hear, for their next keyboard revision. Maybe they are already thinking of it…


Here’s another vote for the vertical mouse. My entire dept moved to them and we all like it.

Yes Doug, I miss it when I go home. I am thinking of getting a wireless one for at home.

Another bonus, when others come up to my machine they don’t want to grab the mouse and start messing with my system, they just let me drive ☺

Adam M Dorsch
CAD Supervisor
Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
Shepard Street P.O. Box 990
Ripon, WI 54971-0990
ph 920.748.4554<">>

I don’t use a mouse at home, I use a laptop track pad.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I have three desks between home and work. I have a trackball at one, a conventional at the other and an Evoluent at the third. I have no problem switching between them.

This looks like it would be difficult to get used to. I mean we all have been programmed to use our right hands a certain way.

Enlighten me – please.

Michael P. Locascio


I’ve been using the vertical mouse for about 8 years since V1… My experience was it took me a half a day of solid use to feel comfortable with the new hand position. When I upgraded to the wireless V4 about 8 months ago, the button mapping trials for getting them to make sense to me and actually mesh with my workflow settled down after a few weeks. Muscle memory training then started and I still – after several months – get my “esc” and “enter” mixed up and I am just now starting to use “alt”…

You’re right – the muscle memory you have is a program. You just need to “uninstall” it and install the new program… admittedly, this is more difficult for some. My incentive was a numbness in my right pinky and the fear of carpal tunnel or some other injury. That also helped me with the $100 price. Cheap money when compared with a medical issue. I can’t lose my mousing hand!


You’d be surprised. The buttons are essentially the same, just turned sideways. Your index finger is still on the left button, it’s just now the top, the MMB is still under your middle finger, it’s just not the wheel (unless you want it to be) it’s below the wheel and the RMB is under your ring finger at the bottom.

It looks intimidating, but it took me almost no time to get used to it.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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