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PRO-E Crashes when Middle Mouse Button Used- Ver2


PRO-E Crashes when Middle Mouse Button Used- Ver2

I am starting this new discussion per a reply from 'nonamepicked'

and instructions below:

"Reply to this message by going to PlanetPTC Community

Start a new discussion in Creo at PlanetPTC Community"

Issue is when I am assembling parts, and try to pan using middle mouse wheel, suddenly the program stops without saving any work. When I try to restart, a message sometimes appears that the Pro-E was unexpectely terminated, do you want to revcoer?. It does not recover in reality.

Here i information of my system.

-Brand HP-Pavilion NP247AA-ABA p6107c
System Serial NumberEnclosure Type: Desktop-CPU

-exact memory (6 MB????????????????????????????????????)

6144 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM0' has 2048 MB
Slot 'DIMM1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM2' has 2048 MB
Slot 'DIMM3' has 1024 MB


Windows 7 Home Premium (X64)

-Graphic Card

EVGA GeForce 512 MB DDR5

Has open GL 3.1 support


Serial Number:Bus Clock: 800 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 5.39 05/06/2009



This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.


some general issues at first:

-Please do not open a new thread to the same subject. Simply answer the question. So all information are together in one thread.

-You don't need to publish the serial numbers of your hardware - the technical facts are enough, e.g 6GB RAM, Intel ... 2,5GHz, ...

Better you remove the serial numbers, if possible.

-Please ask Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/E) questions in the right borad. This board is usually for Creo (it's something different).

Now to your question.

-I'm not sure if Win7 Home is the right OS. I think PTC recommends Win7 Pro or Ultimate because of the user rights.

-Have a look at the option called 'graphics' - you can choose between: opengl, x_windows, d3d, win32_gdi. Try every of them.

-Start Pro/E without any config. Only with the search paths (if needed). Repeat your actions. If everything works fine then one of the options in your config is the reason for the crash. Try to find out which one by adding them. I know it takes some time.

-Do you have any special characters in your installation path of Pro/E (including space) ?

The message after a crash only restores the working directory. It doesn't really work (on my computer).


The graphics driver needed updating.