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Photorender & ARX


Photorender & ARX

Am I right in the assumption that Pro/Photorender is different from Advanced Rendering Extension? Our license says we have Advanced Rendering, but the module screen only shows Pro/Photorender.

Dorian Ferrari

Mattel Inc.


Answer summary. Thanks all for the replies. This helped a lot for our IT staff.


You are correct. Your Advanced Rendering Extension must be added as a floating module, or you must configure your .PSF files to launch it with ProE.


We had ARX at my last job. It is really just a modified photorender. You get more options when setting up a scene and it uses a different render engine. If I remember it was 2-3 times faster than the standard photorender.
i think you need to install that option from the disc , you will get the photo lux option as a render

Steve Burke
CAD Engineering Services


ProPhotorender is certainly different to the Advanced Rendering Extension. The Advanced Rendering Extension will give you Photolux.

Firstly I would suggest checking that the ARX license has been obtained (maybe it is a floating option or something).

Secondly open up the Rendering Setup Dialog and check the renderer option. This should say Photolux not Photorender.

Hope this helps


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