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Pro/E WF4 Saving in Wrong Directory


Pro/E WF4 Saving in Wrong Directory

I have an engineer here in my office who was working on some hydraulic hoses in Pro/Piping and ran into a strange problem. His working directory is set to a directory on the C: drive and he is pulling linestock definitions for the hydraulic hoses from our fileserver (P: drive). When he saves the hydraulic hose assembly it is saving them to the linestock directory (on P:) instead of the working directory (on C:). We have tried duplicating the issue on other workstations in the office with identical configurations but they all correctly save the hydraulic hoses to the working directory.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Do you know how to fix it?

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23-Emerald III

Is the linestock directory in the search path and he is just typing in the file name, or is he changing the directory and going to the linestock directory to click on the part?

If is the latter, that may be your issue. I have seen that when you go to a certain directory to open/assembly a part, Pro gets confused and thinks you now want to be in this directory.

Pro/E will save new objects in the working directory specified. If components are brought in from someplace else, when you save the parent object (assy or drawing) they will save back to where they came from.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
23-Emerald III

So if they havn't save it yet, they when they pull in other things, it could possibly save it other than intended. But if they save it first before importing/assembling, then it should save correctly?

That is the case if you are pulling in existing parts or assemblies. In this case, the engineer is pulling in a linestock definition (a simple text file) to create a hose and it is saving the hose solid and hose assembly to the parent directory of the linestock definition. This would be similar to pulling in a symbol from a directory other than the working directory and having it saving the drawing to the symbol shouldn't happen.

TractorGuy, do you work at John Deere?

Is ProE/CreO not allowing your colleague to choose where he saves? (greyed out file save window)

Your issue can be fixed using the following Config Options.
Override_store_back Yes
Save_object_in_current Yes

Typically with no other options set, ProE will save objects back to their original location they were opened from.

The First option Disables this.

The Second option will tell ProE to save the files in your working directory instead of the opened from location and will prevent the Save Dialog from disabling your ability to choose where to save the files.

The Config options dialog gives more information shown to the right of the Options value column.


I do not work for John Deere...but I work for a company that makes engines, transmissions, and a few tractors for John Deere.

To answer your question, it's not an issue of Pro/E greying out the option to save. It is an issue of Pro/E suddenly changing the working directory for a part that was created in the original working directory.

I will give those options a try and see what happens.

We tried those options and it does the same thing...if a linestock definition is pulled from the network drive (P:) and the working directory is a directory on C:, it still changes the working directory to P: when the hose assembly is created.

Make sure the two configs mentioned by Michael and also

file_open_default_folder working_directory

are not being overwritten by the user.

If nothing works, you could set your library to be read only.

Would a search path solve this issue? That way you will not be pointing to a folder when picking the P: drive part.

I often notice the working directory changes when I locate something completely unrelated in a file dialog, like a texture or something.

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