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Pro/E is very slow to open assemblies thru the network


Pro/E is very slow to open assemblies thru the network

Here is the case:

Large assembly (more than 5000 components).

Many component and libraries have family tables.

All files for the project and libraries are on the Dell Network Server, nothing is local.

The Network has a high speed switch and NIC's are Fast Ethernet 100Mbps.

Dell Precision 420 workstations work on this project.

Many, many search_path and they are all valid. Have checked them all (not that I like to have many search_path, but that is the way it's now)

Trail file is written locally to each workstation.

Pro/E takes about 55 minutes to open the assembly and CPU usage is only 2-3 percent.

Here is part of my troubleshooting:

I ran a Pro backup of this large assembly to a local folder on a workstation.

Created a new without the search_path and Now everything is local.

Pro/E took 3 minutes to open the complete 5000-part assembly and CPU was

at 90 to 100 % while opening the assembly.

If I move a large number of files thru the Network it runs fast. This tells me that Pro/E is causing the slowness.

I connected a network cable from one workstation directly to the Server (to by-pass the Switch) that has all the files and still Pro/E is slow.

The mystery is why Pro/E is slow thru the Network and fast locally.

Why the CPU of the workstation runs at 2-3 % while retrieving the assembly thru the Network?

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I (had) exactly the same problem when I came here. Since I am not a network expert (I know NOTHING about networking computers)...

I was the only one (in a group of approximately 10) with a Dell Precision 480 workstation, everyone else had a newer (read much faster)

Dell Precision T7400 or T7500 workstations. It would take 30 minutes (minimum) to load a 5000 part assembly (often much more) thru the network.

My "GUT" feeling is that the other workstations were elbowing my workstation out of the way. And, what you describe (CPU running at 2 - 3 percent)

is exactly what my Dell 480 was doing. The manager solved the "problem" by getting me a more compatible Dell Precision T7500 workstation.

Now that same assembly loads in just a few minutes... and nothing else has changed. Is there someone Or another group with faster, more

sophisticated workstations that are hogging the same server that you're using?

Talk to your I.T. person. He could possibly adjust the priority of your workstation to a higher level.


Ok Jon,

thanks for your answer!

I´ll try to test this in another more powerful computer as you say.

thanks again!