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Purge missing in WF5


Purge missing in WF5

Hello again,

We have upgraded to WF5, most gracefull about many aspects. I found many upgrades which we were complaining about in WF3 an WF2.

Anyway, there is a glitch though, I usally purged my working directory, by clicking on Window, Open System Window (or so, mine is in spanish) and excecuting the purge command, which will erase all old version of any file in the working directory. However, when I do the very same thing in WF5 I get this message: the system cannot find the path specified Any ideas?? I've read some workarounds for purging, like changing some windows OS scripts or files... But anoyone who could know how to get the purge command back on track?

I have WXP-64 bits and WF5 M030

thanks again...

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I use purge often when managing model files, and it still works fine for me in WF5.

Perhaps your installation of proe can't 'see' the path to the \bin directory?


I had the same problem. I did a search in the support center and found TPI 110569 that worked for me. It said to modify the registry command to be:

C:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe /c cd "%1" &"C:\ptc\proe2001\bin\purge.bat" *

Just change ptc\proe2001 to the correct install directory.

Here is the link.

Hello there kevin, thanks a lot!!

It seems that my maintenance has just expired... might take our company a while to process such payment. In the meantine I cannot access the resource center database. Is it too much asking if you can print out in pdf that information and attach it to this post?

Thank you in advance


Here it is.

Thanks a lot Kevin!!

It works just fine, though I had to edit Windows registry to fix the double click issue


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