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Quadro grpahic card performance


Quadro grpahic card performance

We are re-investigating graphic cards for large assembly performance.
(Jet engines. 1000+ parts. 100's of which are very complex)
For the past few years we have been using the Quadro 580, 600 & K600 in our Dell Optiplex 990 & 9010 PC's.
We're not disatified, but were hoping to find opportunities for improvement.
I just got a Quadro K4000 and am surprised that it is not noticably faster.
Even the OCUS benchmark showed only 5% improvement over the Quadro 600.
For our assemblies, I'm getting about 2.2 frames/second when spinning.

Anyne else finding that these Quadro cards perform nearly identically from the low-end to the high-end?

Gerry Champoux
Williams International
Walled Lake, MI

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23-Emerald II

Creo 2 is supposed to do a much better job of utilizing the graphics cards. I haven't personally tested any since moving to Creo 2.

When I did WF4 (or 5, can't remember which) benchmark testing on Quadro 2000, 4000 and 5000 on the same computer, there was no difference between the performance of the 3 cards (they were within a few seconds of either other).

One thing I did find out...depending on the machine you are using, you may need to update the chipset drivers for the mother board so it know how to utilize the latest graphics card. Our initial testing show the new cards being substantially slower than a basic graphics card. The IT guy finally figured out that it was the chipset drivers for the motherboard that were causing the problem.

Unfortunately the IT guy I was working with has moved on to bigger and better positions so I have no one to work with anymore.

I believe Bernie Gruman of Gruman Creations was the one who independently verified that Creo 2 would perform better with a better graphics card. Last time I talked to him, I think he was specifying the 4000, but I'm not sure.

Agreed. Spinning in WF4 at least is heavily CPU-dependent (and a single thread at that). I've seen some evidence that Creo2 does indeed shift more of the load onto the graphics card, but haven't used it enough or done any testing to really investigate.

Before spending any cash I'd suggest installing something like nVidia Inspector or GPU-Z, and using it to graph GPU usage while you're spinning one of your assemblies. Also have Windows Task Manager up showing the Performance tab, set to One Graph, All CPUs.

If the GPU usage hits 100% then clearly you're looking for a better video card, but if the CPU usage flat-lines close to (100 / [no of cores] ) then it's actually the CPU that's holding you back, and you should look for one with better single-thread performance.
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