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Redundancy server


Redundancy server


this is Bruno from Mind power engg solution,

Sr,Application engineer,

PTC-channel partner,

this is a query raised by one of our customer, in the condition they dont wanna choose Triad system,

Redundancy server:

1.If the current server crashes, what is the back up such that we get the server

and running immediately?

2.Will the licenses be borrowed by the client machines in the absence of server during an abrupt shut down

3.Configuration of additional machine to be ready to be configured as the server

thank you



The triad server is the backup plan. As you know, if the customer doesn't want to use the triad, then using the out of the box functionaliity only offers a single license server as an alternative. But let's discuss this further...
First- unless this is a customer concerned with national security, why in the world would their server be crashing to the point that they need some type of instantt backup? In my experience, properly maintained servers don't just "go down". Second, if the customer does have this type of transient network/server environment, just use the triad! The other two servers in the triad don't have to be "server quality machines", they just have to be connected into the network and be running. They can be old and slow but as long as they're connected and running, they should perform as needed.
So I guess what I'm saying is... I'd push back a little and ask the customer why the triad isn't an option. The triad isn't perfect... but it is very useful. I understand no one ever wants to question the customer's infinite wisdom but sometimes the customer doesn't know any better and needs to be (gently) educated without offending them.
But moving on... when you start Pro/ENGINEER or Creo, there are .psf files that contain the name of the license server(s) you're using. It would totally be possible to have a duplicate set of license files pointing to a secondary server as a backup. I'd say this is actually very, very easy to do... but there's one massive catch! PTC must generate a license file for you... and that license file is generated based upon the MAC address of the server. So even if you were to install the license files onto a secondary server- and then create a separate launch script to point to the secondary server, the license file wouldn't work!!
You could ask PTC for a license file configured for a secondary server name... and I'm sure they'll ask you to pay for the additional licenses. If PTC gives you two identical license files for two separate servers, nothing stops you from using BOTH simultaneously, paying for one set of licenses and getting a second set free. I don't think they're going to do that!
Therefore... we're back to the original statement... use the Triad.
Beyond that, I don't know what else to suggest. I'm sure some well-intentioned administrator has already tried running a virtual machine as a license server. I'm sure there are restrictions or problems with this approach, too... hence the use of the MAC address in generating license files.
There is no way to automatically "borrow" a license if the server dies. Beyond giving all users locked license files, I don't know of another way around the problem. It seems the customer wants an immediate fall-over backup system and therefore, should simply implement the triad system or else make darn good and sure the primary server is professionally maintained.

thanks brian and martin,

this particular customer had business with Siemens,where they got emergency license, for

7 days temporary license to use as a redundancy server still they got true license or updation of new server,

i hope you understand the scenario where i struggle


1.] If customer uses TRIAD, then two three machines must always run. If MASTER server goes down and later up then all three servers must be restarted in proper order.

2.] I suggest to user virtual machine as license server. You can back it up and restore on any machine.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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