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Resolve Mode - BackUp Model WF5


Resolve Mode - BackUp Model WF5

In WF5, I have the config option of regen_failure_handling set to resolve_mode so that when features fail it goes into Failure Mode like it did in WF4. Now when I get into failure mode it opens a created backup model to go back to. However this doesn't always help if there were items suppresed before the failure. The way around this is to go into Edit/Regeneration Manager/Preferances and uncheck the Create Backup Models option. If I do this, then when I enter failure mode I can open up the last saved copy of the part and use that as my back-up model. However I need to reset this option evertime I open the part. I tried save preferances in the Regeneration Manager after unchecking the option. But it doesn't seem to stick. Is there a config option or something else I need to do to keep this option unchecked?



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A little off target but, I usually save a copy of the part, with a new name,I am about to revise before making the changes. I bring that part and my "real" part into session simultaneously. Ifa feature fails I can switch windows and see the original refs, etc...

Sometimes I bring them into an assembly, superimposedto compare surface tweaks, curvature maps, highlights etc...

I like this better than bringing in the "Backup model" within Resolve mode.


Another answer slightly off-topic - I used to use the backup model to
interrogate missing refs etc (why can't Pro/E highlight missing edges in
space like Catia v.5 can?), but a trick I've come across is to open a
previously saved (good) version by simply dragging the file from Windows
Explorer into the Pro/E graphics window; Pro/E will complain that this file
is already open, and what would you like to rename this new file to - I
usually just accept the default PRT0001. Now you can switch back and forth
between the windows and identify the missing edges etc. Of course, you
mustn't Purge, and you can usually tell from the file size which is the last
good model (probably the largest).

Dave Tate

WF3, I/Link

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