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Saved search in 10.2 modify view


Saved search in 10.2 modify view

Ok so I setup a search and selected save and picked on advanced options.
I set the filename as a required attribute, and when it came to set table view, I picked New View

After selecting columns, the order of those, and the sort order of the listing. I got my saved view.

Now I want to go back in and change the view.
How do I get back to it?

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Pretty much only option is to select the saved search, then modify it, then
save it again as the same name.

Ok, I got an answer from PTC. It's not where I would have expected it to be.

Click the down arrow in the dropdown box that shows the view. Choose 'Customize...':


Click the checkbox for the view you want to edit, and click the pencil icon (mousing over the pencil shows an 'edit' tooltag):

From there you are in the same screens that you used to create the view, and can change the included columns and the sorting.

David Haigh
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