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Sketcher option don't work ?


Sketcher option don't work ?



I have try to set this option to YES :



But it looks to have no impact on the behavior of the sketcher.

I mean, for example, if I select the face of a cube with a hole inside,

then I go to the sketcher, the only automatic references I've got are the 2 references planes as usual.

I had imagined I will obtain the whole contour of the face selected as references.


Have you try this option ?

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Try sketcher_auto_create_references 2

I believe you just need to add a number quantity instead of yes or no

tested, it's don't works.

There are two options that are quite similar:

"sketcher_auto_create_references" with a default of "no" - (This option controls the automatic reference creation from selected background geometry.)


"sketcher_auto_create_refs" with a default of "2" - (The option values are: 2: the system automatically creates 2 dimensioning references; 1: the system automatically adds the orientation reference as a dimensioning reference; 0: the system does not automatically create dimensioning references.)

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