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Slow Drawing Notes


Slow Drawing Notes

We have a user here who has two machines, each on separate networks, but
with common monitors, keyboard and mouse. On the one machine, Pro/E works
fine. On the other machine, however, modelling works fine, but drawing does
When he works on a drawing in Pro/E, if he tries to drag a hole note, for
example, the screen redraws the note and its bounding box roughly once every
couple of seconds, moving the note a fraction of a millimetre each time.
Thus, moving a hole note from one location to another on a drawing can take
most of a morning.
I remember seeing posts from people suffering similar problems, but I am
struggling to find them in the archive. My memory is telling me things about
mouse drivers and problems with Logitech, plus maybe something about GDI
Any suggestions about how we can fix this? The Pro/E problem, I mean, not my
failing memory...

WF2 M220, XP, Dell T3500 with Quadro FX3500, Dell 490 with Quadro NVS295,
Dell corded optical 3 button mouse

Nvidia drivers are the latest. Mouse driver is the latest Windows update -
it shows a HID-compliant mouse.


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