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Spekan sBatch Troubles


Spekan sBatch Troubles

Hello all,

I am new to the Spekan sBatch tool (version 4.1) and was hoping some of you veterans might be able to help me out.

As a simple test, I tried to do the following:

-Use a .prt on my desktop to run a simple action on

-Have the tool write a mapkey that I can load into Creo

I can generate the file without issue, and I can load it into Creo as well. When I look at my mapkeys in creo, I show four additional mapkeys that were loaded in from the file:





These are in addition to my mapkeys in my config file loaded during creo startup.

However, when I excecute the "-run" mapkey, nothing happens. The message area in Creo says "Playing mapkey -run...".

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Also, I noticed the tool produces the file AND another file called What is this file used for?

I have attached my file.



Creo 1.0 M050

Windchill 10.0 M030

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Hi Andri,

Sbatch 4.1 works only in Wildfire, it hasn´t been updated to Creo.

The mapkeys from wildfire also don´t work in Creo, they have to be recreated.

You can use Creo Distributed Batch (Dbatch) to run a mapkey in multiple files, it´s free and it comes with Creo installation files. Here´s an example video:

Some tasks come already defined like importing, exporting, plotting, etc.. You don´t need mapkeys for these.

Hope it helps.



Clearly an oversight on my part - I didn't think sBatch cared if I was running Creo vs. WF, but obviously it does.

Since I still have Creo Elements 5.0, I tried running a sBatch mapkey with it, and it worked just fine!

I've tried using Creo Distributed Batch, and it worked - but the process was so slow and inefficient (for a PDF export of multiple .drws, Creo started and shutdown in between every export), in the end taking much longer than if I manually open each drawing and do a PDF export on each item. See this discussion. That's why I am looking for another way to do this.

Do you know if Distributed Batch allows you to generate a .pro mapkey file that can then be loaded into a running session of Creo, similar to how sBatch does it?

There has got to be a way to efficiently and "relatively" easily export hundreds of drawings, using Creo and Windchill!

Thanks for your help,


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