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Style curves in the Style tool


Style curves in the Style tool

I'm working with the style tool in Creo 3.0.  I'm making Curvature continues curves and using Curvature Analysis to evaluate and modify the curves.  I've noticed on some of the models made by other users that their curvature analysis have a less smooth curve, so their analysis have corners.  My Analysis curves are all very smooth.  I've also noticed when I'm editing their curves the menu ribbon does not have the "degree" option.  I would like to know how they are making their curves.  These users are not available to ask directly.  I've tried looking for a config option without success.

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if you can, please attach some example model. Use How to attach file when you Reply to a discussion. procedure.


Martin Hanák

Thank you for your help with this.  Here are what the curves and ribbons look like for each option.  The style curves are curvature continuous. The first capture is what I get, the second is from the other users file.

curve 1.jpg

curve 2.jpg

Steven has right regarding possible cause of this situation

playing with degree of spline curve is available from Creo 2. Might be the curves from other users were made prior Creo 2, or what is also available there was no reason to increase it above default value

In the case represented in your pictures I would avoid using curvature connections at all if not really necessary. Imho there is no reason to maintain the curvature connection between stright line and spline. Tangent one is enough unless you want to get into trouble while offseting or "shellling" the geometry

on the side, I want to confirm that curvature connection is availalbe also in sketcher(tangent one on the left, curvature on the right)


Hey Jacek,   I had thought already that it may be a change in the newer version of Creo, and that could be it.  But, I would expect the new version to still allow the old functionality.  That's what I would like to know how to do.  I have found that I can copy paste the old version from one part to another.  Is that the only way duplicate something made in the older version of Creo?

I'm not sure what you're trying to say in the second part of that sentence.  Can you clarify?

Thank you Steven.  That verifies the curves that I'm seeing were created in Wildfire 5.  Is there a way to reproduce those Wildfire curves in Creo 3?  No matter what I do with the degree field the new curve won't match the old curve.


you meant this: "or what is also available there was no reason to increase it above default value"? - to me increasing the degree of curve has a sense while playing with adjacent geometry with some curvature, straight line has none, curvature radius is 0.

Plus if the final product you are trying to build with these curve, is common household with no high gloss or metalic surface, then all of those high quality surface won`t be appearent to the user. Simply put: high order curves? - ok, but for high gloss and metalic areas only.

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