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Summary - Creo 2 Draft Check

21-Topaz II

Summary - Creo 2 Draft Check

Thanks for the help.

My workflow was to select the analysis tab -> draft check.  Then pick
the part in the top node of the model tree (in part mode), then select
the 'direction' field in the draft check tool and then pick a p[lane in
the tree.  All my surfaces are on a layer and the layer was off, no
surfaces displayed.  The draft check resulted in all surfaces made
visible and the draft check applied to all, pretty useless when you have
copied geometry from the skeleton and a number of other construction

After the draft check, the surfaces remained visible, yet the surface
layer was still off.  No amount of regeneration or repainting would make
them go away.  I had to turn the layer on and then back off.

I tried selecting a single surface, then RMB to select 'solid geometry',
but that wasn't possible in the draft tool.  My client, who was coming
in to resolve some challenging draft issues, showed me that you need to
set the smart filter (in the lower right) to 'solid geometry' and then
select on the part and you'd get all the solid surfaces only.  Then the
draft check worked as desired.

One user suggested that this change was made in WF4 'per a major
customer request'.  They indicated that there was a hidden config option
(exclude_hidden_quilts_analysis yes) that resolved it in WF4.  I had not
had the issue in WF4 (or WF5, I believe).  I tried the config option in
Creo 2 and it made no difference.

So, the work around is to set the smart filter on solid geometry and
draft check to that.

Thanks all,


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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer