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Unable to log cases online


Unable to log cases online

Dear PTC,

We are unable to log cases online.

Before replying, please refer to last year's conversation.

Very unhappy



No, I am really annoyed.

We have 2 seats of Mechanica.

We are paying twice for support.

We are a small Consultancy and occasionaly need answers quickly.

Without being arrogant, we know more than our reseller. It is wholly unreasonable to ask a reseller to support, (in this case Creo Simulate), to the level we use this particular software.

We have used Mechanica since before PTC bought RASNA. This does not mean we know everything but a very low percentage of our problems are ever be solved by the knowledge base. Some of our questions need us to understand how the software does things and there is a big disconnect between the user and the people who write the software.

I would like to discuss the possibility of our maintenance bill being reduced to just software updates, no technical support.


you are right, PTC made a big mistake. Last year they cut a possibility to open Case for end users. Only VARs are able to open a Case. So If you need to solve a problem you have to send its description to your VAR and ask him to open Case. VAR can send your name, email and telephone number to PTC Support and ask them to contact you directly (but nobody knows if PTC Support accept such procedure).

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák


Our ability to file online was again taken away without any consultation. They didn't even tell our reseller.

The ability to file calls online was a significant factor in our decision to purchase a second seat.

We file calls with Ansys online and people call us back.

The 'Customer Care' site I get redirected to is not useful at all.

Please, unpsun feedback PTC?

Dear Mr. Hanak,

PTC's VAR end customers log calls with the partner only when that partner is PTC certified as first line support provider. This ensures continuity of support in the customer's native language and can yield faster responses. The partners' technical staff is certified to support the products and can troubleshoot most calls without the assistance of PTC support.

Other VAR end customers can contact PTC support directly. Please contact me if you have any question.

Best regards


Hi Charles,

My name is Deb Kablotsky and I manage the PTC Technical Support website and self-service web tools. We haven't recently changed policies or procedures for logging cases online, but would you mind emailing me (-) your details - including the end customer name and SCN - and I can investigate your issue?

Kind regards,


Dear Deb,

I have emailed our details.


Dear Charles -

The recent order placed through the VAR caused the change in our system. I am working on a resolution today. In the future, I encourage you to contact me or the partner directly.



Dear Jennifer,

I did contact the (excellent) VAR in the first instance.

My VAR looked into the problem and was told by PTC that we had to log calls through the VAR.

In other words a dead end. Hence this thread.

I note your reply to Mr. Hanak.




Hello Charles,

What Mr. Hanak said here is pretty much true. From the talk I've had with my reseller I figure that every VAR is told that they should care about their customers up to whatever extent. That counts even when the company that sold you Creo hasn't got the VAR status from PTC.

I think that is basically what has Jeniffer tried to say in her first post.

To tell you my story. I've brought one seat of Creo Parametric into our company at the beginning of this year. Tried to solve few problems with my reseller at the very beginning but after few days I found their support to be almost useless.

So as I don't mind dealing with problems like these in english I jumped directly onto PTC support. They've helped me to resolve few major issues over the next few months. That includes quick resolution of problem with running Creo Parametric 2.0 when it first came out. My reseller would never be able to resolve a problem like that one at a similar pace.

After about half year since we bought Creo, everytime when I tried to log a case I happened to see this kind of message


So as I knew how usefull the support from my reseller was I started to think about dropping the maintanance payment. I also started to think that it was a mistake to buy Creo from my reseller after all. I really thought we should have bought it directly from PTC back then.

I've had plenty of postponed issues with Creo at that moment so I bypassed the support from my reseller and went with the issues directly to the person that actually sold us Creo, in short the salesman.

He told me I shouldn't contact PTC directly but only my reseller support. I told him Creo isn't working for me the way I thought it could when we bought it. So it was decided that I write up a list of issues I've got with Creo and then send that to my reseller which I didn't contact for months till then. The salesman then cleared throaths of people sitting in their support and they finally started to work.

I am now left with only a hand full of issues that I think only a good update can solve. Which of course isn't going to happen. And anyway I can now live with that and I think I will make my boss to pay the maintenance support for the next year also.

Another story. One month ago I've borrowed licences for couple of Creo modules. I've sure had trouble making them run on the day one of testing and after like one whole day my reseller support figured out that the modules and licences are meant to be only for Creo 1.0.

I've then started to contact the people from PTC support that I dealt with in past directly as case logger doesn't work anymore. While telling to my reseller that I am not going to install Creo 1.0 remake the templates there and so on just for the testing purpose and that for obvious reasons I try to avoid Creo 1.0 like a plague.

After couple more days I've finally had Creo 2.0 up and running with the borrowed modules. Woohoo. No word from any of the PTC's employees. But about one week after that I suddenly got a call telling me that I've opened a case today that I can't log a cases online, then it turned out someone else from PTC opened it instead of me.

Here's the link:

So I think it's possible to get your issues to the right places. My reseller is able to contact the PTC support directly and I bet he does that on almost every issue I throw at them.

The problem here is that they are just lazy to contact PTC support but if they actually do and really care then almost any issue can be resolved from their side after a while. Sometimes clearing their throats is necesarry but that's how it goes.

Lol, they are never gonna help me with anything anymore once they read this post.

I think if your reseller is unable to help you or just too lazy to contact PTC support with your issues then you should be able to change the company that support's PTC products for you.

To be honest I hate to contact my reseller with issues related to instalation of the product and bug reports. I already bother them enough with real issues I've got. PTC support can resolve those with like push of a button.

Actually as I think of it now I didn't report any of the bugs I've found in Creo Parametric 2.0 in about last 4 months or so. You can be sure I am not gonna bother my reseller with those.

Good luck with finding someone who can help you with your issues.



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