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Summary: Duplicating Assemblies with Copy Geometry features


Summary: Duplicating Assemblies with Copy Geometry features

Thanks for all the replies, folks. Not sure my problem is solved yet, but...

Original Question:

>I have an assembly with a Skeleton. In the Skeleton are a couple of
Published Geom features. In a couple of the parts within the assembly, there
are External Copy Geometry features.

I would like to do a 'save as' on the whole assembly and the relevant
drawings. I can make the 'Save As' work, except for one thing: The ECG
features still refer to the original skeleton, before the Save As operation.
This leads to much cursing as I attempt to unravel the one set of
relationships and replace them with another.

Am I missing something? Is there a config option to change the External Copy
Geometry references to the new skeleton whenever I do a Save As? Or doe
Pro/E do the easy bit whilst leaving me to do all the hard work?<

I have ran into the same issue.  I believe that I was able to reroute all
features eventually, but all inheritance features in sub parts wanted  to
look back to the "old" skeleton part ID.  It was very frustrating. Your
modeling techniques sound similar to mine.

There is a check tip here. Perform a rename in session rather than a save
as, that way the new assembly you create can have whatever relationships you

I'm not familiar with any particular options that will make this
work effortlessly. One way that you can accomplish this is to do the

1.       Backup your assembly to a new empty directory.

2.       Erase your memory, change working directories and pull up the
backed up assembly.

3.       Rename the skeleton part to the name that you desire in the new
assembly. Regenerate the assembly just to make sure that the External Copy
Geoms acknowledge the rename operation.

4.       Now do the "Save As" to all of the new names, except for the
skeleton part, leave it since it already has the correct new name. Now you
should have an assembly with all of the names that you desire.

This is obviously a convoluted way to get what you want, but at the same
time it's not too difficult of a task to take on.

Is it possible in the Save a Copy operation to leave the Skeleton with the
original name?  If so, could you then open up the newly saved assembly & the
skeleton, and do a rename of the skeleton, and then save the assembly?

If not, which is the lesser of two evils:  using Save a Copy, or making a
system copy of the folder, and renaming the files?

This seems like a silly question, but...   Is the skeleton model actually
assembled into the assembly?   As long as all of your models are in session
memory,  then when you give the parts and skeleton new names in the
"save-as" window Pro/E should be smart enough to figure it out and point
your references to the proper skeleton.    If thats not working for you,
perhaps there is a config option that controls this that I don't know about.
If so,  someone please chime in...   

However, I'll offer an alternative method that sometimes fits my needs a
little nicer.   Depending on how many parts your trying to rename this may
be a pain...  Here goes.

Open your asm.  Rename it "IN SESSION ONLY'.  Then open your skeleton.
Rename it "IN SESSION ONLY'.  Then open each of your piece parts and Rename
them "IN SESSION ONLY'...  etc. etc.   When your all done with the renames,
and your model tree looks like you want it to,  then do a "Backup" to your
working directory.  (This will back up all of your in session changes)
Then...  (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)  Close all of your Pro/E windows and
"Erase Not Displayed",  or better yet just shut down Pro/E (WITHOUT SAVING)
and start a new session.    This way you don't accidentally overwrite your
original files.

I don't know much about ECG.  Whatever parts that are referenced iin the
ECG,  try to have those in session during the save as, or even assembled
into the assembly (whether you need them or not) then do the saveas.   Long
shot at best.   Are you using intralink 3.4?   If so try doing your
duplication there, and have the parts that the ECG refences in the worspace
you are duplicating. 

Without editing each external copy geom feature I haven't found a way to
change what they reference.  One trick I have used to get around this is to
copy the whole assemby off to another disk.  Then Rename the parts that ext.
coy geom point to while they are in session.  Then you can do a save as for
the rest of the parts that you want to give new identities to.  After all of
that you can save the new assembly back to your database.  It can be tedious
if the ext. copy geom points to a lot of different parts.  That's one reason
I always try to keep my copy geom features pointing to skeletons.

If you are up for it - try this.

Create a family table of the skeleton with the new name as an instance. No
need to do anything else there.

Do a save-as on the assembly. In the new assembly replace the original
skeleton with the instance. You may have to do the same with parts.

When satisfied, go back to the skeleton and delete the family table.
Reminder - if you have a pdm system don't check the skeleton until the table
is gone unless you intend to keep the table and the instance.

Save it all and everyone is happy. At least I hope you are happy.

I think the only way that gets all the ECG features pointing to the new
Skeleton is the Rename in Session/Backup & Import approach.

The Family Table approach sounded great, but the ECG's still pointed to the
old Skeleton

Thanks again


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