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Dear Folks

When i modeling i forget to save the model, Suddenly creo elements pro/5.0 is exit.

I have my trail file, and is possible to put those commands in mapkey.

To get back model.

JUst assume one of my collegue was keep on working in part modeling without saving, Suddenly creo exists.

In the trail file we have commands and, it can be created as mapkey? can get back model?


if it's possible how it should be implemented and guideance please.

Thanks in advance



This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.

Yes, you can turn the trail file into a mapkey but I wouldn't do that. Just play back the trail file, it's basically the same thing with a little less work. You have to understand that if the file, your interface, or your options have changed at all since the beginning of your trail file, it may not work properly. The same thing for turning it into a mapkey.

To play it back, rename the trail file with a .txt extension. Then go to (Creo 2.0) File-->Manage Session-->Play Trail File and navigate to your txt file. Don't forget to cross your fingers.

Edit: Don't forget to remove the portion of the code that may have caused it to crash in the first place! Also, when you start the trail file your session must be in the same state as when you started the session that the trail file is based on. In other words, don't open the file and then start your trail file if it is going to open it again, etc.

21-Topaz I

You may just run the trail file as-is, but it is easier on you if the file name extension is changed to .txa, which tells PTC software not to exit if there is a problem.

In WF5, there is an item under Tools called Play Training/Trail file. Open Creo and look for that menu item and select the file.

How well it works depends on whether all things are as they were when the file was created - that is, any models are exactly the same, no changes to configuration files. If everything in the file was created new, there should be no problem.

Best of luck to you.

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