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Thick/Thin Cables in Creo 2


Thick/Thin Cables in Creo 2

Just moved from Wildfire 4 to Creo 2 last week and I'm looking for the viewing command in Creo 2that enables me to toggle back and forth from viewing cables as either "Thick" or "Thin" when in a model (i.e. not in a drawing view).

There was such a toolbar button in WF4 but all I can find in Creo 2 to control Thick/Think cables is a setting.

Has anybody found a ribbon command to toggle between Thick/Thin cable display?


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Additional Info: To create a short-term quick fix, I have created a couple mapkeys to toggle between Thick and Think cables. The mapkeys are a recording of going to File>Options>Entity Display and toggling the cable display there.

I would think that there would have been an icon for that.


The icon is still there...takes a bit of hunting to find it.


This highlights one of my frustrations with the new ribbon interface....I can't add the cable display setting icon to an existing group of icons when in the cabling application.

I have to create a new group and add the icon to it. Surely that can't be right...?

Anybody know if I am missing something here?


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Michael P. Locascio

These icons a default in the graphics window toolbar. No need to add them in the ribbon.

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