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Updating license server


Updating license server

I need some help. We are changing over our server and have received a
new license pack from PTC but I'm missing something on the user side.

If you edit the proewildfire.psf or proewildire.bat file is that all you
need to do by changing the server name?

I did this but get a message that one of my features did not exist. Is
this a mistake on the license file or am I updating this incorrectly?

Sorry for the late request for on Friday.

Lee McGee

Team Leader

Prescolite Sustaining Engineering

701 Millennium Blvd.

Greenville, SC 29607



Yes the psf file is the only thing you need to change. Judging by your error message, the connection to the server is fine but the server doesn't contain a license that is being specified in your psf file.

Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | Sr. Applications Engineer | Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078


To be safe, you can always run ptcsetup from the WF installation loadpoint on the client machine to make sure the appropriate .psf or .bat files is generated with the latest license file. Then you should be able to copy these to the other systems in the network.

Willy Chung
SurfaceInk Corporation - Boston