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Use WF4.0 file for WF5.0 / CREO?


Use WF4.0 file for WF5.0 / CREO?

Hello everyone,

A client I previously did work for on a project has now upgraded from Pro-E Wildfire 4.0 to CREO Elements / Pro (Pro-E WF5.0 M050). I noticed the file has changed drastically. There are only a few items in it:

chamfer_45deg_dim_text asme/ansi
drawing_setup_file $PRO_DIRECTORY\text\prodetail.dtl
format_setup_file $PRO_DIRECTORY\text\prodetail.dtl
pro_unit_length unit_inch
pro_unit_mass unit_pound
template_designasm $PRO_DIRECTORY\templates\inlbs_asm_design.asm
template_drawing $PRO_DIRECTORY\templates\c_drawing.drw
template_sheetmetalpart $PRO_DIRECTORY\templates\inlbs_part_sheetmetal.prt
template_solidpart $PRO_DIRECTORY\templates\inlbs_part_solid.prt
todays_date_note_format %Mmm-%dd-%yy
tolerance_standard ansi
tol_mode nominal
weld_ui_standard ansi

My question is can I still use the previous file from Pro-E WF4.0 for Pro-E WF5.0? What has changed from WF4.0 to WF5.0 in the configuration settings?


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Attached is a document that I compiled from Olaf's website. It is side by
side config options for WF3, WF4 and WF5.

Red - Setting is not used in the next release of Wildfire
Green - Setting is new for that release of Wildfire
Blue - links to the setting definition on Olaf's site


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(See attached file: WF4 WF5 Config Options.xlsx)

Hi Chris,

you can use configuration file from previous release of ProE into new version.

System automatically recognize if the configuration options are OK or not.

Old (not working) options are marked with sign no.png.

You can really easy repair loaded file directly in ProE WF5 (creo elements pro 5.0) - Tools > Options >> select old configuration opton >> DELETE


... or you can add new option(s).

Note: Do not forget save the file



Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

The complete list of Configuration Options for Pro/E WF5 - Creo Elements Pro 5.0 you can find here: 4K Side | Configuration options - Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0



Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy
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