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WF 2.0 and Win 7 64bit


WF 2.0 and Win 7 64bit

Has anyone been able to install WF 2.0 on a Win 7 64 Bit machine? I was trying to do that and I couldn't even get it to execute the setup file. Any insights would be great...


Michael Wimberly
System Administrator, Sr
Intelligence & Security

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Hi Michael,

It is an extra step but you can install Wf2 on a 64-bit XP machine and
then just copy the entire loadpoint directory to the Windows 7 machine and
manually add it to the Path environment variable.
Personally, since Pro/E is somewhat self contained, I just add the path to
the launch bat file in the bin directory.

@echo off
set Path=C:\PTC\Wildfire2_64_M220\bin;%Path%
C:\PTC\Wildfire2_64_M220\bin\proe1.psf %*

This has worked for me for many years.


I have found that you need to install the 32 bit version. Unless you are
creating huge, complex assemblies, WF2 will clip along quite nicely.

I am happy to see that I am not the last person on earth still using WF2.


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