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Windchill Application Server Crash


Windchill Application Server Crash


We have been using our Windchill data base for legacy data, but we were no longer adding new data to it. Recently, the application server crashed. We were able to get over the initial hump of returning to work by serving our ProE licenses elsewhere. But, we need to access the older data.

At this point, we would be happy to 'dump' the data onto our network and access it the same way we reach all our NEW data (outside Windchill, on the network).

We are off maintenance and using older versions of everything. But what I really need is the straightest/simplest way to regain access to the files. In Windchill or out. We are a small group and IT is not my strong suit.

Can I get to our data?

Winchill 8.0

Oracle 9i

Wildfire 3.0

Mike Cavins

Design Engineer

CSC Worldwide


Assuming worst case and there are no backups, I would work at getting WC up and running again. On our 9.1 installation the server log files can be found at <wc-loadpoint>\logs directory. Sort by date and look at the most recent files - examine the files for "error" lines, which will give clues about where to look for a fix.

Good luck.



I am curious and wanted to know why would you stop putting CAD data in Windchill and put it in a Network folder?

This seems opposite of what we are doing. We are moving from no control of our data on Network folders to controlling them in Windchill 10.1

Just curious


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