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adding a file folder path in startup for CREO


adding a file folder path in startup for CREO

I have been searching for a solution to add additional folder paths in startup for CREO.  For instance I have company specific formats that I have developed as well as a material parts library that I want active every time I start up, instead of having to go search for them.


The tutorials I have seen are vague as to how to set these file paths.  I have tried to add in but it doesn't give me a recognition for the file path I type in.


Materials use pro_material_dir

Formats use pro_format_dir


example: pro_format_dir x:\proe_stds\formats

There are a number of path specification settings you can put in your For example, in mine I have settings for:

search_path_file C:\ptc\
start_model_dir C:\ptc\Templates
mfg_start_model_dir C:\ptc\Templates
pro_mf_cl_dir  c:\ptc\NCFiles
pro_mf_param_dir  c:\ptc\MfgParams
pro_mf_tape_dir     c:\ptc\NCFiles
pro_mf_tprm_dir  c:\ptc\MfgParams
pro_crosshatch_dir c:\ptc\CrossHatching
pro_format_dir c:\ptc\Formats
pro_palette_dir \\server1\shared\ProE\Symbols
pro_symbol_dir  \\server1\shared\ProE\Symbols
symbol_instance_palette_file \\server1\shared\ProE\Symbols\sym_palette.drw

There is probably a lot more I don't happen to set. The "" file is a list of directory specifications for models that we use in lots of projects, like standard hardware, common tooling, etc. If you're going to have one of these for yourself, save yourself some table pounding by putting each of the directory specifications in double quotes, like "\\server1\A Directory with Spaces"

Otherwise, the parser that reads the file will stop at the first whitespace on each line, and Creo will not see anything you tell it to see.

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Hello Brian - did you get the answer you were hoping?  Ben's answers are always excellent; I'm just wanting to ensure this satisfied the problem you identified.


Paul Crane

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