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Drawing templates: Historic up-issue


Drawing templates: Historic up-issue



I've seen, maybe with other CAD packages, a way that the drawings keep a log of historic up-issue's. How does everyone manage that here? At the moment I'm creating new drawings, saving it with a different file name and only including the modification that required the up-issue for that one drawing. Ideally I'd like to keep a log of the modifications from initial drawing through to the current iteration.


I hope that makes sense?


What's an up-issue? I'm not familiar with that term.

Dave Martin - -

Hi Dave,


It's an increment of an issue number on a drawing. Maybe slang that I've gotten used to using!



I don't know what an issue number is... that might be a process or terminology specific to an industry or companies I haven't worked for.

Is that like a revision number?


Dave Martin - -

Yes that's the one.

Are you using Windchill to manage your files? Windchill keeps the history of the drawing, so there's no need to change the filename. We keep a manual table on ours for the engineer to enter information on what changed in that particular revision



No I'm not using Windchill.


It was that table that I was trying to find an automated method of updating after each change. I'm guessing it's a manual process.


Currently there is no way to automate this. There is a Creo enhancement idea for this for those that use Windchill:


Solidworks has a solution for this with their PDM package. There is a link in the Creo idea that shows how it is done.


We have given up on this and we now just have a statement that says to review the history in PDM.

Aside from the revision, we are in the process of removing anything from the drawing that can be found in Windchill, like the revision block and signature block. It doesn't make sense anymore for us to be duplicating that information on a drawing sheet when all the information and more resides in our PLM system.

Dave Martin - -
23-Emerald II

How do you convey that information to a vendor to manufacture parts for you or make tooling for your parts?


Share the information via ProjectLink.

And to clarify, what information do they need? While I can see that some revision information would be necessary, I don't see why they need would information like the signature block.

Dave Martin - -

Is there a way in Projectlink to share out only Released versions? We're using it in an extremely limited way right now, and technically, our vendors can access the history tab of the objects we share. Ideally we wouldn't want them to be able to do that.

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