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config template path


config template path


I have a problem , i want to modify path of my templates

when i create a new drawing creo goes on standard templates 

How set path to my template if i have on desktop

I want when i create a new drawing creo goes on my templates

In picture before i put what i want creo to display me


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24-Ruby II


did you tried following options?



Also, you can go to ...\Creo 2.0\Common Files\M070\templates directory, move system drawing templates somewhere else and place your templates there.


Martin Hanák

Also try pro_format_dir.

21-Topaz II

There are a number of config options that control default locations. SOme point to specific files, others to a folder containing the files:

bom_format - text file for the internal BOM function (model tab in assy mode)

drawing_setup_file - default drawing setup file

mdl_tree_cfg_file - model tree config file

pro_colormap_path - folder containing color map files

pro_dtl_setup_dir - folder for drawing setup files

pro_format_dir - folder for drawing formats

pro_group_dir - folder for user defined feature files

pro_library_dir - folder for the standard parts library

pro_material_dir - folder for material files

pro_note_dir - folder for standard drawing notes

pro_sheet_met_dir - folder for sheet metal bend tables

pro_symbol_dir - folder for drawing symbols

start_model_dir - folder for model templates or "start parts"

template_designasm - default assy template

template_sheetmetalpart - default sheet metal part template

template_solidpart - default part template

There isn't one, oddly, for drawing templates.  There is for formats, but not for templates.  I believe it defaults to the specification for start_model_dir.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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