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IS there a way to change a modified in WF 3 or 4 back to one
that could be read by WF 2? We have a new customer who is in 2, and we
are in 4, so I'm trying to recreate our "standard installation" for 2
which has been updated into 3 and then 4... IF I try to read in my
WF3, it won't; it spits out "...made in newer version..."
error message. Our isn't that involved so I'm thinking that
if there was a way "around" this error message, that most of the
settings would be the same. I don't really remember making any changes
to it when we updated to WF3 and then WF4. I'm actually surprised that
the I have, isn't the same one from when we on WF2... I
guess I'm hoping that there is some line in there that designates the
version, that I can maybe edit to WF2???


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

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This is the header info for a from WF2.

You should be able to modify the info using notepad or another text editor.

#UGC:2 TBAR_CONF 1327 620 0 1 1 15 2500 2006420 00000000 \
#- VERS 0 0 \
#- HOST \
#- LINK \
#- DBID \
#- REVS 0, \
#- RELL 0, \
#- UOBJ_ID 0 0 0 \
#- MACH \
#Pro/ENGINEER TM Wildfire 2.0 (c) 2004 by Parametric Technology Corporation All Rights Reserved. M240
@Toolbar_io 1 0
0 1 ->
@defs 2

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