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customization.ui Update from Creo 2 to Creo 3 or Creo 4


customization.ui Update from Creo 2 to Creo 3 or Creo 4

We are preparing to update from Creo 2 to either Creo3 or Creo4 (undecided yet) and are interested in knowing what other people's experiences are of the ribbon interface stored in either:




Has anyone tried using the Creo 2 Ribbon .ui file in either Creo3/4?  If so what are your experiences?  Have you run into any problems? I have done mild testing and have not yet seen any show stoppers but am more intereseted in balancing long term stability with restricted time to work on modifing/creating workflow enhancements using the ribbon interface and mapkeys.


In my company there are 2 mindsets concerning specifically the .ui file (not  Either to:

  1. Enhance the workfow at every opportunity for improvement using the UI then to test all features when updating Creo version (not including builds), or to
  2. Delete it and start over from scratch at every version and then by necessity take a minimalest approach and do relatively less workflow enhancements.

Thanks for advise.

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I had never seen any PTC statement telling users that .ui files are upward compatible. Personally I would prefer option 2.

Martin Hanák
5-Regular Member

Sorry I had not seen your post sooner. I would like to give my two cents worth on the subject you ask about.

As a corporation we went to Creo 4.0 from Creo 2.0 in mid September. I create and maintain all required (main) config and customization files for our CFD\FEA groups. I used my and Creo_parametric_customization.ui files right from Creo 2.0 with only a few adjustments required. Mostly it was my mapkeys for these items that just had to be rewritten because they pointed to a different location in Creo 4.0 than they did in Creo 2.0. My ribbon and quick access toolbar did not need any updates or corrections done to them. The ribbon and quick access toolbar have the same icons and perform the same as they did in Creo 2.0. The only big difference and actually a convienience is the addition of the popup mini toolbar in Creo 4.0. I have updated this also to have the required icons per task being performed which is the same as the ribbon and quick access toolbar without having the mouse travel up to them to select the tool.

I feel that you should be able to make any small updates and or changes required to your config files and be performing in Creo 4.0 equal to or better than you did in Creo 2.0.

Good luck....

Thank you very much for relating the details of your experiences!  It is very encouraging too!


Although I like your answer, I am going to leave this question unanswered a while longer in the hopes that others may voice their personal experiences as well (whether good or bad).

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"
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