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layer behavior...


layer behavior...

Another new company config to wrap my head around... I'm looking for the config setting to allow hide/unhide layer settings in parts to show up in assemblies. Currently, if I turn all layers off in my assembly, select andopen a part from the assembly,turn a specific layer on andthen go back into theassembly, the part layer I turned on does NOT show. I WOULD like it to show, and have had this behavior in past configurations. I know I can turn the layer on right from the assembly, but if you have a large assembly and "undisciplined" layer usage, this can be inconvenient, where as simply opening the part, and dealing with only it's layers can be simpler. I could not find the answer in the forums...

thanks in advance...


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The behavior you are asking for is the default behavior, as far as I've
seen. Layer status at the part level should be maintained at the
assembly level, in the same session. I can't think of a scenario where
that wouldn't be true, but obviously you have one. Are part items being
placed on assembly layers as well as part layers? If an item is on two
layers, one hidden one unhidden, hidden wins. You could try using
isolate instead of unhide and see if that causes the items to show. If
so, that would tell me that they are on an assembly layer too as isolate
trumps hidden

Another option is to activate the part in the assembly, and then when
you go into the layer dialog it should show the layers only for that
part. You can also use the selection icon at the top of the layer
dialog to choose what part or assembly you want to show layers for.

(BTW - I'm not sure I've ever seen an organization with consistent,
'disciplined' layer usage. There are simply too many options and too
many ways of looking at it.)

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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