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manikin wildfire 5


manikin wildfire 5

Hi everybody,
I would like to install Manikin module but I can't find manikin files.
On Wildfire 5 DVD, is there just manikin lite ?
Is Manikin "full option" only available on seperate DVD ?
Is it possible to try before buy anything ?


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Hello George,

Sorry for the late response.

The "manikin lite" is available on all Pro/Engineer Seat. but as you could see this is really limited. There are two aspects for the manikin: The code and the manikin library. The code is automatically installed with ProE (nothing to do on your part) and it's only "fully" activated with the manikin license. Without the license you only have a subset of the functions and you cannot save. The manikin library can be downloaded separately from the PTC web site support/ order and download software update:

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M060 (319 MB) Download now:You may order physical media to be shipped.

Check for : Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Population Data under Pro/Engineer Note if you do not have the license, this library is useless since these manikins can be manipulated only when you have the license. Only the manikin called PTC_Manikin can be manipulated without license.

Please note that "Manikin lite" never intent to be a product. It is exclusively a simple way for you to explore some manikin features without investing money.

If you want to test the full function, you need to talk with your sale rep. I would recommend we web cast demo so you can have a quick overview of the all manikin functionalities.

Hope I answered your question


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