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printer configuration


printer configuration

Wild Fire 5.0 build m50

Hey Guru Nation,

In previous versions of Pro I have been able to save a printer configuration to my working directory and my selected and saved printer settings would stick. Now in WF 5 when I save the configuration, the next time I go to print something, I have to reset the page size, model plot view, etc, etc all over again. I keep saving the configuration and it seems to have no effect.

Any words of wisdow?

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We have this problem as well. We went from WF4 on Win XP 32 Bit to WF5
on Win7 64 bit. We copied all of our printer and .dtl files over to the
new system and printing worked as you described.

Because we don't have some license regarding printing and plotting (I
forget what it was) it doesn't work. We are using Foundation
'Advantage' and not full foundation licenses.

Because of this the plot options like print all pages, page size, zoom
level, etc... do not 'stick'. The work around is not to print from the
'Publish' tab, but start a plot using <ctrl p=">. This will bring up the
plot dialog box, but the options from the .pcf file will be read
correctly. Rotation still does not work, but we set our default
printer in Windows 7 to print landscape, and all is well for now.

BTW, we don't normally print to classic large format plotters, most of
our prints are to laser printers either size A or B.


Our .pcf files worked just fine from at least v19 to WF4, suddenly they
are 'broken' by WF 5 and yes, our .pcf files in WF4 under Win7 work just
fine as well, so it's not Win 7.

How any software in the 21st century can STILL have problems printing is
beyond me. I can print MS word files to a large format plotter with
less trouble than normal printing in Pro-E


Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

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McMurray, PA 15317
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