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purge not working? Creo 2.0 m020


purge not working? Creo 2.0 m020

this is what happens when I turn echo off and run it.


C:\caduser\212003>REM @echo off

C:\caduser\212003>set MC=unset

C:\caduser\212003>if " == "INTEL_64" set MC=ia64_nt

C:\caduser\212003>if " == "INTEL_486" set MC=i486_nt

C:\caduser\212003>if "AMD64" == "IA64" set MC=ia64_nt

C:\caduser\212003>if "AMD64" == "AMD64" set MC=x86e_win64

C:\caduser\212003>if "AMD64" == "x86" set MC=i486_nt

C:\caduser\212003>REM cygwin sets this on 64bit OS

C:\caduser\212003>if " == "AMD64" set MC=x86e_win64

C:\caduser\212003>if not "x86e_win64" == "unset" goto mc_done

C:\caduser\212003>if NOT " == " goto creoset

C:\caduser\212003>set APPDIR=C:\caduser\212003\..

C:\caduser\212003>set cf=C:\caduser\212003\..\..

C:\caduser\212003>set PRODIR=C:\caduser\212003\..\..\Common Files\M020

C:\caduser\212003>goto pdirset

C:\caduser\212003>set PRO_MACHINE_TYPE=x86e_win64

C:\caduser\212003>set start_cmd=start "

C:\caduser\212003>set PRO_DIRECTORY=C:\caduser\212003\..\..\Common

C:\caduser\212003>set CREOAPP_DIRECTORY=C:\caduser\212003\..

C:\caduser\212003>if NOT "true" == " goto ptcpathset

The system cannot find the path specified.

C:\caduser\212003>exit /B 3

The SET APPDIR is getting set to the folder with my files, this cannot be
correct. Later in the batch you see it is looking for the common files down
under the folder I am trying to purge.

I am on Windows 7 64 bit, Creo 2.0 m020.
I have run the reconfigure several times hoping it would correct itself.
Could someone that has this working with similar config copy and paste
their path to a reply?

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