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wf4 on win7


wf4 on win7

Hi All!

I just started testing wf4 on windows7. First time I have retrieved my large assy and it came up fine, I saved it, than I clean up the session and tried to bring it up again - crash! I deleted the iteration I saved and it came up again.

I would like to hear your experiences with win7.

I am on wf4 m150

wc9.1 m050

win7 64bit

Dell Precision laptop m6500

nvidia quadro pro 3800 with the latest driver from dell

Any info is greatly appreciated!


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Dmitry (Cool name by the way)

We started using WF4 M140 with W7 Pro. 64-bit.

We had no issues at all and experienced increased performance in several
areas. We are now running Creo elements/pro 5 (How I hate the name
change) and it also runs fine with W7P 64.

So many things can cause the problem you described, but I just wanted to
point out that it's probably not W7P 64.

Good luck.

Damián Castillo
CAD & Administration Manager
Engineering Department
Hensley Industries
23-Emerald II

We have several users on Win 7 64bit and WF 4 M150 using Ilink 3.4 with no problems whatsoever. We run probably 50% on Win XP and the other 50% on Win 7. Most of our pro/e users are on 64bit.

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